Miami, you wanted local, and it’s on the Upper East Side!

Check out this great article featuring Upper East Side Farmers’ Market from one of our favorite local blogs, Redland Rambles.

If you’ve thought about heading to the Upper East Side Farmers’ Market on Saturdays in Miami, but haven’t yet, this should convince you to to so THIS WEEKEND!

One of the very few spots you can find truly local produce and real local artisan vendors, this little market is always busy with throngs of locals in the know.  We absolutely love this market and our dedicated customers who frequent it weekly.

Oh, and there’s a lil bit about us in the article too!


Saturdays at Upper East Side Farmers’ Market, Biscayne & 66th St. at Legion Park in Miami.  9am-2pm.


Slingin’ jerky at the Upper East SIde Farmers’ Market