Our all-natural beef and chicken jerky is marinaded using aged, preservative-free soy sauce or kosher salt.  No chemicals are used, and no artificial preservatives or flavorings are added.  Each piece of jerky is soaked in the perfect marinade for optimal flavor, and dried to perfection to elicit tantalizing texture for the perfect on-the-go snack.  The culmination of patience, love, and craftsmanship can be yours in just a few clicks.
High Protein, Low Carb. Hormone-free & antibiotic-free. No chemicals. No bull.

Order Online!
Though we try our best to get orders out as soon as they’re placed, please allow us up to five business days to fulfill your order prior to shipment.  Based on your selections, additional time may be needed to satisfy your exact preferences.  Don’t worry, it’s worth the wait!! At this time Novae Gourmet Jerky can be enjoyed in the Sunshine State.  We are currently unable to accommodate out of state orders. Questions? Need help deciding? Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.                                                              

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